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Belt conveyor's advantages and Tech-advantages

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     1. The characteristics of mesh belt conveyor are low cost, low maintenance cost and large conveying capacity, but it cannot convey materials with high temperature. Belt conveyor can slip and protect the parts when the conveying weight exceeds the rated weight unlike other mechanical types which is easy to get stuck.

      2. Mesh belt conveyor is reliable in operation. Belt conveyor is used in many important production units which need continuous operation such as coal conveying in power plants, bulk material conveying in steel and cement plants, and stevedoring in ports. If the machine shuts down on these occasions, there will be an enormous loss, the belt conveyor can work continuously one shift after another if necessary.

3. The power consumption of mesh belt conveyor is low. Because there is almost no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, it not only reduces the resistance of operation (about 1/3-1/5 of scraper conveyor), but also reduces the wear and breakage of the cargo, and it has high productivity. All this were very useful to reduce production costs.

4. The conveyor line of mesh belt conveyor has strong adaptability. The length of the line can be selected according to the requirements. The length of the line an be short as several meters and be long as more than 10 km. It can be installed in small tunnels or erected over the areas of traffic disturbance and dangerous areas.

5. According to the requirements of the process flow, the belt conveyor is very flexible to receive material from one or more points, and it can also discharge material to multiple points or several sections. Belt conveyor becomes a main distributing line when feeding to conveyor belt at several points at the same time (such as conveyor under the coal bunker of coal preparation plant) or feeding to conveyor through uniform feeding equipment at any point along the length direction of the belt conveyor.

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