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The Great Wall mesh belt overview

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Great Wall mesh belt is also known as: horseshoe chain, plate mesh belt, metal sheet mesh belt, towing belt; characteristics: mesh belt is composed of flat metal sheet and circular metal wire with light weight, large interstice of open spaces and smooth mesh surface, so it can be operated smoothly without deviation. Great Wall mesh belt is a kind of machine which uses friction drive to transport materials continuously. The application of Great Wall mesh belt can form a material transportation process between the initial feeding point and the final unloading point on a certain conveying line. The Great Wall mesh belt can not only carry out the transport of sandy or lump material, but also carry out the transport of packaged material. Except for carrying out pure material transportation, it can also meet the requirements of the process in the course of product of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmical conveyor system. Therefore, Great Wall mesh belt is used widely in various modern industrial enterprises, and it is an indispensable and important accessory in automation devices and automated assembly line of various industries. It is used widely in automatic line transportation of light industry machinery, sterilizer, silk printing and dyeing, food, power generation, pharmaceuticals, garment processing and other industries.

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