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The classifications for stainless steel mesh

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      1. Crankshaft mesh belt

       The advantages of metal wire braided mesh belt are concentrated, because it has string with deep curve, the position of each spiral wire rod can be positioned correctly by the mesh belt marking method, and it can minimize the modification and extension of the mesh belt.

       2. Straight-axis mesh belt

        The manipulated steel strip alternately is connected by straight strings, The series of mesh belt have dense mesh and even spacing, which can enable the mesh belt to be operated steadily. This series of mesh belt is suitable for conveyor lines with smaller carrying volume and heavier texture.

       3. Flat wire mesh belt

        This mesh belt is made of flat wire and connected with the barrier strip of crankshaft type, so that the position of each spiral wire rod can be positioned correctly, and it can minimize the modification and extension of the mesh belt. It has fine workmanship, smooth surface, parallel sides, good material and durability.

      4. Z-shaped mesh belt

       It is also known as ladder shaped mesh belt or one shape mesh, this mesh belt is usually geared transmission mesh belt. It has the advantages of good air permeability, uniform tension and fine workmanship. This mesh belt has the advantages of convenient rolling, good stability, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life and other characteristics.

        5. Herringbone mesh belt

        The manipulated steel strip alternately is connected by 4 straight strings, precision braiding technology makes the mesh belt have the characteristics of high density and small mesh and it is easy to be operated. It has very high requirements for material and braiding technology. This mesh belt is suitable for the conveyor line for small carrier materials.

         6. Sheet metal mesh belt

         It is also known as the Great Wall mesh belt, it is composited of flat sheet metal and round metal wire.

          7. Chain-bar mesh belt

         This kind of chain-rod mesh belt adopts chain and sprocket drive, which is suitable for large and heavy transmission. It has stable movement, large force, and the force on the mesh surface is relative small, it can maintain the mesh surface, although its price is high, its service life is long.

          8. Eye-shaped mesh belt

          It is driven by sprocket, it has strong bearing capacity, it can run smoothly and transport high-speed heavy objects, it has smooth surface which is suitable for the conveying of stable products, the aperture of which can be increased for high air permeability and hydration capacity. It is easy to clean, eyeglasses mesh belt is suitable for coating operation process due to the incomparable big mesh, which minimize the contact with the conveyor belt.

K2 belt with damplers

       9. mesh belt of chain piece type

       These chains are powered by chains and connected by chains sheet and tubules for mesh. The spacing can be customized according to the usage, which has many specifications.

       10. Mesh belt of chain type

       The conveyor belt driven by the chain is usually driven by the chains that drive the small shaft and then drive the mesh belt to run. The mesh belt is made up of rolling teeth strips, two series of manipulated steel strip, and it is connected with large and small mesh strips. The large mesh strips are passed with small axles, and the two ends of small axles are passed into chain holes so as to reach the conveyor mesh belt driven by the chain. Chain mesh drive stably and the driving torque is small.

         11. Mesh belt of U-shaped chain

         It can also be used as spiral mesh belt, which is produced by imported mesh belt machine with computer. The mesh surface is hard and durable, and it is not easily deformed. The most significant feature of which is that the turning function is well, and it can achieve turning of 180 degrees, and the operation of which is stable. It has smooth mesh surface and it can bear heavy pressure and tension. It has the advantages of good air permeability, the mesh surface is clean and nonpoisonous and easy to clean. Maintenance and disassembly of which are extremely convenient. Flanges can be installed on both sides of the mesh belt according to the requirements of the customers.

          12.  Mesh belt of chain plate

          It is driven by stainless steel chain and manufactured with stainless steel plate, it is suitable for transporting fine and high-density objects. It runs smoothly in the process of transporting. It is easy to install and change, although its price is high, its service life is long.

           13. Mesh belt of baffle type

          Edge treatment has been conducted for this kind of mesh belt of baffle type with the hard edge, the conveying method of which is intuitive and concise. A straight groove of sheet is formed after S-shaped treatment. Mechanical extrusion should be prevented in use. Once the phenomenon of falling off is found, it should be dealt with in time.

           14. Flanging mesh belt

          In order to combine the balanced single head mesh belt of four strands, the strands are not passed along each side to be turned with the edges of 5-30 cm high to prevent the falling of the objects. For example, in the chemical fiber factory, flanging mesh is used for the heat treatment of standard parts, cleaning machine for the bearing parts to prevent chemical fiber from overflow, etc.

           15. Single spin mesh belt

          The mesh belt is made by single spin, its grain is uniform and its tensile strength is strong, its sides are parallel and its surface is smooth.

          16. Diamond mesh belt

          It is also known as diamond shape wire mesh, chain link fence, and It is characterized by high air permeability.

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