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Mesh belt conveyor line overview

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      The mesh belt conveyor line is also called as mesh belt conveyor. The mesh belt conveyor line is a material handling machine that conveys materials continuously on a certain line, it is also known as the continuous conveyor. It can be divided into mesh belt type and mesh chain type. The conveyor can not only carry out horizontal, inclined and vertical transmission, but also form a space transmission line, the transmission line is generally fixed. The conveyor is widely used because of its large conveying capacity and long haul distance, and it can also complete a number of technological operations in the conveying process at the same time.

F2 belt

      The material of the mesh belt conveyor line mainly includes: carbon steel, stainless steel, thermoplastic chain, according to the needs of your products, it can choose chain plate of different width and different shapes to complete the plane conveying, plane turning, lifting, descending and other requirements. It is used widely in the transportation of beverage bottles, aluminium cans, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and other industries. By choosing different mesh belts, it can be made into special equipment for bottle storage stand, hoister, sterilizer, vegetable cleaner, cold bottle machine and meat food transportation and other industries.

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