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Application range of stainless steel conveyor belt

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        1. Biscuits of food industry: mesh belt, cooling oil sprayer machine mesh belt, flat bender mesh belt, Z shape mesh belt that is used for chocolate enrobing machine. At the same time, we also produce Z shape mesh belt that is used for biscuit machinery, HSJ-D and meat conveyor,  ultra-thin and energy-saving mesh belt that is used for imported machine;

        2. Instant noodles and rice flour industry; mesh belt that is used for the conveying of steaming, frying box, drying and hanging box, shredding cutter, chaser, face cutter, face comb, fulcrum shaft, shaped box, etc.

        3. Stainless steel flat-top chains, chip removal chains, conveyor chains, mesh belts and fulcrum shaft, etc. for various in-line system for underfill adhesive and encapsulation for quick-frozen foods and vegetable dehydration;

        4. Glass products industry:glass oven mesh belt, decorated furnace mesh belt, bottle conveyor mesh belt, mosaic mesh belt, the specifications of which are crankshaft type, straight axis type, diamond type, double stranded helix type;

       The materials of which are A3 low carbon steel, DCY13 heat-resistant steel, ICY18N19Ti, steel, oor18Ni14Moo2Cu2 acid-resistant and heat-resistant steel, etc. The conveyor belt of high temperature furnace is generally made of 310S and 314 materials, the maximum temperature of which can reach more than 1100 ℃.

      5. Design and manufacture of various chain-plate turning machines, mesh belt conveyors and metal mesh chain belts. The wire diameter range of the spring such as pul-out piece spring, torsional spring, taper spring, draw spring, butterfly spring, snake spring, etc. that could be produced by us is 0.25-14 mm.

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