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Causes and treatment of compound balanced belt

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       Stress corrosion cracking of mesh belt is a general term for alternating failure of stress-bearing alloys in corrosive environments due to the expansion of streaks. Stress corrosion cracking has appearance characteristics of brittle fracture, and it may also occur in the materials with high toughness.

         The necessary prerequisite for stress corrosion cracking of herringbone mesh belt is the existence of tensile stress (either residual stress or applied stress or both) and specific erosion medium. The formation and extension of Hongchen pattern are perpendicular approximately to the direction of the tensile stress. This stress value, which leads to stress corrosion cracking, is much smaller than that required for material fracture without corrosive medium.

LR belt

          Microscopically, cracks passing through crystalline grain are called transcrystalline cracking, while cracks extending along grain boundaries are called intergranular cracks. When the stress corrosion cracks expand to a certain depth (where the stress on the fracture surface of the load-bearing material reaches its fracture stress in the air), the materials of Hongchen Great Wall mesh beltfollow the normal cracks (in general, it is formed by the aggregation of micro-defects in ductile materials)to break off.

        The fracture surface of the parts that fails due to stress corrosion cracking will contain the characteristic area of stress corrosion cracking and the "dimple" area associated with the aggregation of micro-defects.

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