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Cases of chain driven belt use

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Customer name: XXX (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Purchase metal mesh belt: F2 belt wich chain

Description of the productive process: The chain driven belt is used in the tempering furnace equipment, and the continuous running mesh belt is used to transport the workpiece. The workpiece is heated by the intermediate frequency furnace and the walking-beam furnace, and then it enters the tempering furnace to drawing temper after lifting, cooling, distribution, quenching and secondary quenching. The temperature of tempering furnace is about 150-220 C. The role of tempering is to eliminate the residual stress of the workpiece and improve the toughness of the workpiece, because if these stresses are not eliminated, the workpiece will crack, break and fall below the standard range of impact toughness. It adopts chain driven belt with cooperates with gear drive to better process the workpieces that need tempering, so that the production line can finish the work better.

Customer evaluation: chain driven belt is woven with high strength stainless steel wire, which has a long service life. With the use of tempering furnace, the transmission mechanism of mesh belt tempering furnace is simple and reliable, and the operation speed of mesh belt is improved.

Cases of chain driven belt use

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