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Industry case decorative mesh belt use

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Customer name: XXX Painting Equipment Co., Ltd.

Purchase metal mesh belt: decorative mesh belt

Description of the productive process: Metal decorative mesh belt is made of stainless steel, aluminium alloy, brass, copper and other alloy materials. It is prepared by special technology. Generally, it is woven directly with color wire. However, due to different use environment, it will be sprayed with the required color on the finished mesh belt. The finished decorative mesh belt should be put in the special medicinal water for decontamination treatment. Generally, the aluminium alloy material should be immersed for about 8 hours, and the low carbon steel material should be immersed for about 5 hours. If thedecorative mesh is made of various materials, it should be arranged according to the situation. It should be noted that the immersion time should not be less than 5 hours. The reason of immersing the mesh belt in medicinal water is to avoid the phenomenon of rust in the use of decorative mesh. Metal decorative mesh belt can be applied to decoration of various environments after production, so that the decorative environment is full of artistic effect.

Customer Evaluation: Decorative mesh belt has unique flexibility and gloss of wire and metal lines. It reflects different artistic styles of metal decoration in different environments. Decorative mesh belt has varied colors. Under the refraction of light, the unique three-dimensional aesthetic feeling of metal decoration can have a panoramic view.

Industry case decorative mesh belt use

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