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Wholesale cases of frozen food machine operation

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Customer name: XXX Frozen Food Co., Ltd.

Purchase metal mesh belt: LF2 spiral frozen conveyor belt

Description of productive process: Frozen chicken and other meat products productive process, mainly from slaughter to the final frozen packaging molding process, in the process of frozen packaging, frozen conveyor belt is mainly responsible for the conveyor transport process, in addition, metal mesh belt is also used in the pipeline climbing hoist and dispersed swing head quick-frozen tunnel. Frozen food can make up for the shortage of time in the cold storage through the process of conveyor overturning operation of frozen mesh belt, so as to achieve the effect of quick-frozen food. The structure of frozen mesh belt is compact and flexible, which has a good effect in wear resistance and freezing, and saves time and improves productivity of frozen food production line.

Customer evaluation: The frozen conveyor belt produced by Kansai Metal Mesh is well integrated with equipment, with strong wear resistance, high strength of mesh belt and good service life, which plays a certain role in the production line equipment and is a long-term cooperation  partner that can be trusted.

Wholesale cases of frozen food machine operation

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