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Cases of fried food processing

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Customer name : XXX Animal Protein Co., Ltd.

Purchase metal mesh belt: BL belt

Description of the productive process: In the process of frying food processing, metal mesh belt is used on conveyor, powder wrapping machine, frying machine and other equipment. Meat is conveyed to the powder wrapping machine through mesh belt. Then chicken is rolled and powder wrapped by the mesh belt on the powder wrapping machine, and the meat wrapped is placed on the metal mesh belt for high-temperature frying. Fried meat products are meat products that can be eaten directly or after simple heat treatment after being processed and conditioned in various processes such as pickling, powder wrapping and frying, stored and sold at room temperature or refrigerated(04℃) or frozen(-18℃). Metal mesh belt plays an indispensable role in the whole productive process of fried meat products.

Customer evaluation: BL belt plays multiple roles in productive processing. The mesh belt adopts gear transmission, which runs smoothly, has large porosity, good ventilation and drainage, and is easy to clean.

Cases of fried food processing

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