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Sintering case of the heat treatment industry

dateline:2018-11-07 browse:545

Customer name : XXX Metallurgical Products Co., Ltd.

Purchase metal mesh belt: F2 belt with metal

Description of the productive process: This case is the process of powder metallurgy gear forming. In the heat treatment industry, the operation process of powder metallurgy gear forming includes: mixing-forming-sintering-finished products, in which the heat treatment mesh belt plays an important role in the sintering process. Sintering: It is a series of physical and chemical processes such as diffusion, recrystallization, fusion welding, compounding and dissolution between powder particles in a high temperature furnace or vacuum furnace with protective atmosphere to form a metallurgical product with a certain porosity. In the sintering process, because the temperature is too high, the mesh belt of the conveyed article is required to have the ability of thermostability, and to some extent, the stability of the product during the sintering process can be increased, thereby completing the entire gear forming process.

Customer evaluation: Heat treatment sintered mesh belt, with smooth transportation, the ability of thermostability and not easy to produce deformation in the sintering process and other phenomena, has played a very good role in the gear productive process.

Sintering cases in heat treatment industry

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