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Main features of the conveyor belt

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     Conveyor mesh belt has the following main characteristics:

      1. Large conveying capacity: the maximum conveying capacity can reach 526 m3/h, and the maximum angle of inclination can reach 60 degrees. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance so that it can convey the material of which the temperature is less than 600 degrees.

      2. The conveyor chain is composed of the traction chain, the bearing chain and the hopper of lap joint of forward direction (or reverse direction). The three parts can be installed and removed freely.

      3. Load-bearing roller is equipped with rolling bearings, and the previous sliding friction is replaced by the rolling friction, the operating resistance is reduced by 55% - 65%, which has reduced the power consumption of the conveyor greatly so that the energy consumption is lowered.

CR1 belt


          4.The traction chain is separated from the bearing chain, and the structure of which is simplified, the cost of which is reduced, and the installation and maintenance of which are convenient.

         5.Long service life: traction chain uses bush roller chain with long pitch, every parts of the chain is made of alloy steel material.

and after the heat treatment, it has the characteristics of wear resistance. The weight of the conveying parts and the material is borne by the supporting part; so that the chain will no longer bear the weight and the wear can be reduced.

         6.The processing set up is various: it can not only be set up horizontally and inclined, and it can be set up but also by multistage horizontally and inclined combination.

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