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Development status of the mesh belt industry

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       The stainless mesh belt  is one of the important parts of food conveying machinery. It is connected with two solids for transmission operation. It is composed of different materials and inspection and speed control devices. It is generally divided into the stainless steel mesh belt and the metal mesh belt. At present, the stainless steel mesh belt is used widely. Chengsheng mesh belt pointed out that there has been some unfair competition in China's mesh belt industry at present. Although the production technology is becoming more sophisticated, the local price war is still persistent, which requires the food processing industry to choose carefully.

        Mesh belt, which is also known as chain network, is usually used to connect two solids and it is the conveying machinery device that can rotate between them. It can not only carry out the transport of sandy or lump material, but also carry out the transport of packaged material. Except for carrying out pure material transportation, it can also meet the requirements of the process in the course of product of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmical conveyor system. The material of mesh belt used in different environments is also different, it can be carbon steel, galvanized iron wire, spring steel and so on. Different working environments determine the choice of materials.


       In order to support the demand of the market, some manufacturers use improper competitive means to reduce costs, which decreases the quality of the mesh belt, and makes a big difference in the price of the mesh belt, the price is lower than half of the ones that are produced with the normal material. Because of the low price, when food manufacturers choose these inferior mesh belts, it began to rust and sound when it has not been used or after it has been used for a long time. Although the quality of these mesh belts is poor, it has often packaged beautifully and the price of which is low, so it is difficult to be distinguished. Therefore, in order to save production costs, food industry enterprises often have to choose and purchase it by appearance or price, and even cause mechanical accidents due to the quality of mesh belts in food production operations.

        Nowadays, the domestic production technology has been gradually mature. Food industry enterprises can choose the mesh belt according to the material they produce and transport and the choice of food conveyor. Most of the mesh belts manufactured in China adopt stainless steel and cushioning technology, relying on independent-developed detection and speed adjustment device, it can be adjusted to the most comfortable closing speed of the cabinet door, so that the closing action is even and gentle, which ensure the stability of the movement. It is soft and silent, it can reduce the resistance formed by the impact force when closing, even if in daily food production operations, the mesh belt do not need to be carried out regular maintenance, which is one of the most effortless accessories of the food conveyor equipment.

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