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Classification of mesh belts

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       According to the name: stainless steel mesh belt, stainless steel conveyor belt, stainless steel metal conveyor belt, stainless steel metal mesh belt, stainless steel metal conveyor belt, stainless steel transmission belt, stainless steel metal transmission mesh belt, metal spiral mesh belt, metal curve mesh belt.

       According to the industry; conveyor belt on fully automatic equipment such as food processing machinery, glass products, conveyor machinery.

       According to the material: A3 low carbon steel mesh belt, 1cr13 mesh belt, 201 mesh belt, 304 mesh belt, ICr18Ni9Ti mesh belt, 2520 mesh belt, 316 mesh belt, etc.

       According to the shape: herringbone mesh belt, Z-shaped mesh belt, diamond mesh belt, mesh belt of horseshoe type  (Great Wall mesh belt), chain conveyor belt, spectacle mesh belt, mesh belt of chain slat type, spherical mesh belt, metal conveyor belt of chain and hook type, metal conveyor belt of punching sheet type, etc.

R2 belt

   According to the specifications:

  Chain label - pitch P- link pitch P1- link diameter D - wire diameter D1 - pitch L - pitch J







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