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The reasons for the broken wire in Stainless belt

dateline:2018-11-09 browse:551

       Stainless steel mesh belt sometimes breaks in the production process, which will affect the quality of stainless steel mesh seriously. Many unskilled and inexperienced people don't know what the problems are, let alone how to solve it. The following is a brief analysis of the reasons by small editor.

       1. The improper adjustment of the size of machine head will lead to the disorder of the normal compression ratio and the breakage of the wire in the process of braiding. The solution is to ensure the absolute size of the pattern die on the machine.

       2. Oil or water is cut off during the operation of the pattern die, which result in wide spacing in the short running processes and the unbalanced compression ratio, so that the wire is broken. The solution is to add lubricants to each pattern die in time to ensure its cooling and lubrication.

Stainless steel mesh belt

        3. In the weaving process, when the wicker line appears, rapid winding will lead to the broken wire of the stainless steel wire. The only solution is to change the pattern die to ensure that this phenomenon will not happen again.

        4. The excessive consumption of natural roads in the pattern die results in the unbalance of the anterior posterior compression ratio and the appearance of broken wires in the weaving process, which is mainly manifested by several broken wires in one position. The solution is to change the pattern die, adjust the  anterior posterior compression ratio until it is normal.

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